Receive a monthly Selah Box with a special message just for you

Why Selah Box

"Hello, I'm Angelica...

...and I started Selah Box as way to send inspirational reminders. This jewelry will remind you of how beautiful you are, how strong you can be, and that you can smile even in the midst of trial. I want to send words that build up and encourage.  I want to remind you that if you just stand up and fight for what you have been called to be, you can be an overcomer.  With the day-in day-out routines, we can easily forget who we are.  We get sucked in to what society says we are or should be, but each one of us has a special purpose.  You are strong, you are a fighter, you have the power to brighten someone’s day with just a simple smile, and you are beautiful!" 

"This is what Selah Box is.  Join my Inspirational Club and receive a monthly Selah Box with an encouraging message just for you.  The jewelry that you will receive will have a word or symbol to remind you of the monthly message. I know you will be inspired and encouraged by this reminder." 

"This is only the beginning and I am so excited to see what is in store for Selah Box."

Monthly Selah Box

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I love the personal message my Selah Box jewelry comes with! Full of inspiration and encouragement


Received my monthly Selah Box! Super cute and inspirational! Love it!


Love wearing my Selah Box daily. The messages are uplifting not to mention the awesome quality jewelry.


Excited to get my Selah Box! Super cute and high quality with an inspiring message. What more could you ask for?!!!


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Be Strong and Courageous!

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In His Presence

In His Presence

I have come to see the importance of spending my day with Him.  There is a hope every day.  It is important to spend time with God daily in those days when there is no trial.
His Faithfulness

His Faithfulness

Have you ever felt like you do not know what you are doing?  Do you feel like maybe you are not qualified to do something you have been called to do?  It is funny how thoughts of insecurity can cause you doubt yourself.  I have been there, lost in those thoughts.  I have felt the anxiety that they bring when they settle in my mind.  One morning when I was feeling like this I came across Psalm 86:11