Be Yourself

Hello There!!

Today I just wanted to share a few lines about something that was on my mind this morning as I was having my morning coffee.  I have a coffee mug that has "Be Yourself" on it.  Love this mug.  It was a Walmart find.  Gotta love Walmart!

Be yourself!  Do not let yourself be defined by others opinions on what they think is right or wrong.  By what they think you are capable of.  By how they think you should do things.  You are you and the only you God made!  Think about that.  You have desires and passions in your heart that the only God could give you.  Do not allow yourself to build a box that is made up of all the limits that other's opinions place on you.  Break out of that box and discover your strengths! Discover  the "you" God has called you to be! People do not know you how your creator knows you!  He is counting on you to be YOURSELF because it is the "you" he intended you to be that will be the light that someone else might need someday!  

I believe we keep ourselves from being our true selves because we pay too much attention on what others think.  I heard somewhere:

"The day you realize you do not care about what others think, is the day you will truly be free."

Have a blessed day and be yourself today and everyday!

Selah Box

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