Why Not Take a Little Pride in Ourselves?

Why do we not take a little bit more pride in ourselves?  Why do moms have the reputation of being frumpy, especially stay at home moms? We hide behind the excuses of "Well I'm with the kids all day" or "I do not have time".  I have been there and done that. And quite frankly, I became tired of hiding behind those excuses, while wondering how is it hat some moms just seem to look nice all the time.  Their hair is done, make-up on point, and put together in their outfit, even if it is just jeans and a t-shirt.  Then thinking "Well she is probably not as busy as me" or  some other excuse to justify the reason I do not take time to get my self put together for the day.

The fact of the matter is that we choose to make excuses to justify the reason why we do not take just a little pride and focus on ourselves just bit.  We choose not to get dressed in the morning and stay in warm-ups and slippers.  We choose to just put our hair in a "messy but". No one chooses that for us.  We do.  

If you are not happy with what you see in the mirror and keep making excuses to make you feel better and to convince yourself that you have no choice, then it is time to block those excuses and take some pride.  Break those bad habits of not focusing on yourself for just a while in the morning, and replace them with good habits that help get you put together.  Now if you are happy and content with being in slippers and a messy bun, then this message is not for your.  But if you sit there wondering how other moms just look nice all the time, even at the grocery store! The only difference is they do not have excuses.  

And let me tell, jewelry is a great way to get your look put tougher like those moms.  You can do it too.  We all want to look and feel amazing.  I want to bring you jewelry that is affordable and easy to wear.  There is something about receiving a package in the mail with a special treat for you. Even if you got it for yourself.  Just a little something to remind you that you too can look fabulous everyday, if you choose to.  

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